About Us

“Worry NO MORE dear consumer, for through Morgan Glassworks, no matter what accident may come to your glass, we at Morgan Glassworks make getting a replacement hassle-free and convenient, and all without putting a hole in your pocket! We scourer all the top head shop suppliers, in order to find the best products available. Then we apply a generous discount in order to ensure the best price for our customers! Our products are for tobacco use only.”

Why Buy From Morgan Glassworks?

“Morgan Glassworks does much more to give back; going above and beyond for our customers, AND for our community. 10% of all company profits are put into a special fund that collects interest throughout the year and upon the beginning of the New Year, Morgan glassworks uses the profits and interest gained from the fund, towards a philanthropic endeavor (videos “Coming Soon” under “Our Videos”). We also provide the same quality materials as other head shops, but with lower prices. We even ensure the lowest prices with our price-match guarantee. And don’t forget free shipping in the U.S. and even full refunds for returns, including the return shipping. Our remaining company profits after expenses are used towards the establishment of Morgan Enterprises.”

What is Morgan Enterprises?

“Morgan Enterprises is a company dedicated to innovation for the sake of making a greater world. Including but not limited too, enriching the community through renovation and the establishment of education and rehabilitation programs designed for ex-cons and the homeless, which upon completion of our programs, employs them into one of our various subsidiaries; guaranteeing employment. This creates a better option for individuals tired of living on the street (reducing homelessness); this also creates an alternative for cons, instead of instead of having to return to the streets (reducing violence and multiple jail sentences). Our education programs will also provide opportunities for talented underprivileged students. With promising young minds and potential innovation being lost to bad parenting, drugs, and violence, someone must take a stand to make opportunities available that were lost to those individuals because of the choices of those before them. Those talented students can now have the same opportunities as more privileged individuals (all talented students are welcome). This increases a desire for education and gives individuals hope that through education, one can achieve great success. By increasing employment and the desire for a higher education, individuals are not just more likely to contribute to society, but end up making greater contributions to society, than without. Let not a mind be wasted, especially one that can be used for the betterment of a Nation. By unifying and working with the same goal in mind, Morgan Enterprises will take the world into an age of TRUE innovation! Let us work together to make our community the great nation it was meant to be. A nation created by everyone, for the sake of everyone.”